Senior Interview: Vanessa Brown

Senior Vanessa Brown

Senior Vanessa Brown

By Emily Kozak, Staff Writer

Vanessa Brown is a senior ready and excited to graduate. After 12 years in the Wayne School system, Vanessa Brown is psyched up to start a new phase in her education. Her environment, more specifically Wayne Hills has shaped her into the person she is today.

Senior Vanessa Brown

Q: What are you looking forwards to after your graduation?

VB: I am looking toward studying things I’m actually interested in instead of taking required classes.

Q: What are you most looking forward to after graduation?

VB: I am most looking toward to moving to NY and again, studying things I enjoy.

Q: Are you going to college? What College and why did you choose it?

VB: Yes, I’m attending the school of visual arts in NY. I choose it because it is one of the top film schools on the east coast.

Q: What are you studying?

VB: My major is film, the focus is cinematography, and my minor is marketing.

Q: What are you most fearful of after graduation?

VB: Moving away from my friends.

Q: Are you ready to be an adult?

VB: No, I’m scared of having all these responsibilities that I don’t feel ready for cause school hasn’t prepared me enough.

Q: What is your favorite memory of Wayne Hills?

VB: Making friends in the theater program.

Q: What is your least favorite memory of Wayne Hills?

VB: I can’t recall, but having to leave my friends during graduation is going to be my least favorite memory.

Q: Will you miss Wayne Hills? Why?

VB: Yes, ’cause I have made so many close friends here and now we’re leaving.

Q: Do you have any anxieties or fears about the future?

VB: Yes, finding a job only cause my industry is male-dominated, and sometimes women aren’t taken seriously.

Q: Do you have a favorite teacher and why?

VB: Mrs. Fleissner, he’s just a really fun-loving guy. He listens to your problems and is super supportive.

Q: Any advice you would give to underclassmen?

VB: Take every opportunity you have, join a club or sport.

Q: Any electives/classes that you recommend?

VB: Theater arts, photography, and TV productions.