Rangers vs. Penguins NHL Playoff Series



By James Adamo, Staff Writer

With four out of the seven-game series over, this matchup between the Penguins and Rangers is panning out to be one for the record books. As a sports fan, you cannot ask for much more than what was provided Tuesday night.

Game 1 seemed to go on all night until its unfortunate end. It was a marathon of a game that not only stretched to triple overtime but broke several playoff records as well. Game 2 was less intense, with the Penguins missing a couple of vital players, the Rangers took the reigns and controlled the entire game. Game 3 was in the Penguin’s favor as a small comeback in the 2nd period gave hope to Rangers fans, but a dominant performance by Evan Rodrigues thwarted that comeback. Game 4 was a beatdown to say the least, as Sidney Crosby and the Penguins toppled the Rangers 7-2.

With the Penguins up 3-1 in the series, it is an uphill climb for the Rangers. Senior Luke Hulbert had this to say about the series, “It would be an incredible feat for the Rangers to come back after being down 3-1. It almost never happens.” With game 5 taking place in New York, the Rangers hope to mount a comeback and take the series to game 6 and eventually, a game 7. Chris Kreider has 52 goals and 25 assists for the Rangers, a top performer for the team. However, it will take a lot more than just Kreider to beat this seemingly dominant Penguins team. 

The series is looking to come to a close as the Rangers may take an early exit after having no answer for Sidney Crosby and the rest of this Pittsburgh team. Tune in to ESPN to find out if the Rangers survive or if the Penguins take the series.