Cubans Migrating to the U.S Borders

By Lilibeth Arriaga, Staff Writer

The United States receives about 1 million immigrants each year. Immigrants usually come to the U.S due to political and economic issues. These necessities lead many people to leave their home country for better opportunities. 

Cubans are migrating to the U.S borders because of their necessities such as not enough income, food sources and major political issues. Cubans are arriving to the U.S borders by foot, they have no other way of arriving to the borders. Due to visa requirements that have been enacted has put a hold on many of them arriving by flight. 

Because of the Visa requirements many of the Cuban Migrants are risking their life by coming to the U.S borders by foot. The risk dealt with teachers in Nicaragua teaching the migrants how to swim so they passed the Rio Grande which is between Mexico and the United States Border. 

  A senior Drita Boga stated, “ I actually think they come for good reasons to the United States, The United States is built off of many immigrants and I just think the Cubans coming here are due to issues they have”. 

Many of the Cubans are in a hurry to leave their country because of all the issues that are occurring. Although it means going to debt just to be able to come to the U.S. They have offered to sell their homes, clothing or even anything just to get enough money to leave. The minimum salary is $46 a month in the island which gives the Cuban migrants less hope in obtaining enough money. 

“I think it is dangerous that they are traveling by foot, The United States should do more for them so they are able to [come to the U.S in a safer way].” stated Mariam Mostafa, a Junior.