Leo Club Update

By Olivia Minervini and Katherine Kim

The Leo Club has big things in store for them. The club focuses on helping others in the community and those around it. The club also allows students to express their love for serving others and to develop social skills.

“Leo Club is such a great club to join. I love helping others and I feel so good after I do it. It’s a great way for me to get community service hours, and give back to others,” said freshman Alexandra Wisely.

The Leo Club is planning on fundraising for scholarships through candy sales in the near future. These scholarships will be given to select officers and senior members of the club. The ambassadors of the Leo Club, Susan Price and Al Ruffini, will determine who receives this honor. Some other exciting events that the Leo Club is doing this year is going to Camp Marcella for the second time to help clean up, and paint. The club is also going to Laurel Woods Arboretum to clean up and get it ready for the warmer season so that people can walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. And lastly, the Leo Club is making a trip to St. Joseph’s school for the blind in Jersey City this spring.

“I’m happy that this club is able to raise money for people who deserve it after all the good work they have done. We’re looking forward to the spring to be able to do more to serve the community because warmer weather always helps since so many of our activities are outdoors,” said senior Michelle Lampariello.