NHS Garden Project


By Yara Shobut, Staff Writer

There is no better way to celebrate Earth Day at Hills than enjoying the garden that the National Honor Society built this week. NHS officers worked hard on making the vision come to life all in a week’s worth of gardening. Each day of gardening this week (4/18-4/22) had a different purpose; Monday was for cleaning up the area and preparing the pathway to the garden. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent lining said pathway and covering the dirt with fertile soil/ fertilizers. Thursday was used for adding pebbles to the path. The last day of the process, Friday, was spent plotting the actual flowers in the garden and adding its final touches! 

The whole garden project was made possible due to the NHS officers and the Secondary Garden Committee. They took charge of reaching out to different organizations and nurseries for flower and plant donations, coordinated members for different gardening days, and successfully overall led the groups working each day to allow the vision of the garden to come true. The project could not have been possible without the work of the NHS members that dedicated their efforts to making sure the garden was finished in time. NHS President Eunho Jung describes what inspired NHS to take on the project this year and states, “Last year, the National Honor Society attempted to create this garden in the midst of the craziness. Unfortunately, the project was rushed and we didn’t get to devote as much time as we wanted to. This year, we wanted to revitalize the garden and finish what we started last year.”