Russia Has New Tactics in The War

Russian Soldiers Preparing for New Tactics

Courtesy of Rand Corporation

By Lilibeth Arriaga, Staff Writer

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for  42 days . While causing severe damages to each country and its people, Russia has new strategies for the war. 

This has caused major changes in the battlefield. These new changes have caused a slowdown in Russian advances and how they will attack. The new tactics consist of Russian air forces changing its strategies to reduce losses. Russia has increased their number of airborne sorties which they are shifting. Not only that but Russia has announced that they will also receive foreign fighters to help the war continue.

Possible war crimes have been noted, as many innocent civilians have been killed and wounded in the streets. Russian military forces has been committing laws of war violating against civilians. They include two cases of brutal execution to civilians.

While Russia has claimed that new strategies have been made, it’s been full of broken promises and false statements. Russia has been dealing with a bit of slow down and how they will attack Ukraine. 

Samantha Flynn, a senior stated, “Overall I hope that [the Russia and Ukraine War] comes to an end soon”.

While the war has continue it has been devastating to many citizens in theses countries to have to deal with the losses of many things. Russia has claimed on there new changes that will be occurring in the war, while it can be skeptical it is only matter of time for Russia to attack once again.