Senior Fashion Show is Back!


Friends, Brianna Ramadani and Leah Caruso, smiling before they go out on the runway.

By Leah Caruso, Staff Writer

Every year, the graduating class steps out in the nicest dress or suit, and struts down the runway with their date. This night is one to remember and allows the class make memories with their friends. All the lights, the music, and being with friends made this night memorable.

Due to Covid- 19, last years senior class didn’t get to partake in one but luckily that wasn’t the case this year. The seniors were all thrilled to hear that the annual fashion show would be happening. This event is try and help raise money for project graduation. A good amount of money was raised and the event went smoothly. This night is something fun for everyone to do and gives them the chance to get all dressed up on a Wednesday night.

The models and their dates had to report to the Venetian in Garfield at 5 p.m. to get settled in and do any last minute touch ups. While waiting till seven, everyone took pictures if their presses dresses and suits, had some mini sandwiches, and talked with friends to make the time go by faster.

The show starts off with family and friends doing raffles and hoping to win prizes and gifts.  The first part of the fashion show is formal wear. This is when the girls and their dates walk down in their long dresses and suits. Everyone girl was given a rose to hold while walking down the runway, and at the end of the stage, the partners did a pose in front of the camera. Christin DeFranco says that she “had a lot of fun being with her friends, she loved dressing up.” DeFranco commented, “it was cute to see everyone just be goofy and have fun with their dates.”

After everyone showed off their beautiful dresses, it was time for the casual walk. Everyone changed into clothes that had a college on it that they either were attending, thinking about, or just like the school.

“This part of the show is fun to do because you get to see where everyone’s thinking of going to college, “DeFranco said about casual walk. Unlike the formal walk, casual walk you can do with a group of six. Friends stepped onto the runway laughing and smiling, enjoying themselves.

Fashion Show was all about having fun and making the most of it. Everyone that participated in the grade looked their best and shared lots of laughs with friends. Soon enough the seniors will be leaving for college, so a night like this one was great to spend as a grade and enjoy the time they all have left together. This is just the start of senior events, there are more memories to be made and fun nights to come!

Jade Sommer, Brianna Ramadani, Corinne Zaccone, Leah Caruso, Sophia Nick, Kayla Le, and Rachel Abraham walking out together for casual walk.