Passaic Students March as they Demand to Raise the Pride Flag


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By Lilibeth Arriaga, Staff Writer

On March 28 in Passaic, students walked out from school to take a stance at being able to raise the Pride Flag.

Last year, Passaic Preparatory Academy raised a Pride flag along with the school and American flag. The Board of Education has made a new policy to only allow the American, New Jersey state and the School flag. Making many students upset that this new policy came out of nowhere.

Students of Passaic decided that they will take a stance and walkout of school to make their voices heard. Many of the students from Passaic feel as if they just been discriminated once again by not being allowed to raise their pride flag on school grounds.

The Board of Education has banned all ethnic flags being raised, they state how it was not meant to single out the LGTBQ+ community but overall is just to act in fairness. The Students did not just only walk all the way to City Hall they also appeared and spoke out in the Board of Education meeting. They made it well clear that they disagreed with them and that they have felt discriminated by this policy enacted.

A former student of Passaic Preparatory, Diana Ahuatl said “With the LGBTQ+ flag not being raised anymore is truly disappointing, they have to do better. Our community should be able to feel safe expressing themselves”.

Many students do not understand why this is being a big issue overall to put up a flag up that helps others feel welcomed.

“Just like the American flag, how we represent our country. [The School should allow] to have the pride flag for people to feel comfortable with their own sexuality and be able to feel comfortable,” Nabria Smith, a junior, stated

The Board of Education has stated that they will look over the policy but made no promises to any changes