School Lunch is Back at Wayne Hills!

General Tsos chicken and rice lunch

General Tso’s chicken and rice lunch

By David Valdes, Staff Writer

Recently at Wayne Hills, the lunch has turned back to somewhat normal. Does that mean it’s good though?

In the first three marking periods of this school year, students were served pre-prepared lunches that had very minimal effort put into them, and frankly, weren’t good. As of about a week ago, the lunch was changed to food that could be served in front of you, and was not prepackaged and put into containers. There are even new trays. Now, the lunch you eat is kept hot and ready to eat. The school has also added a la carte items to its menu as well, but these need to be paid for. It is unlikely that students will be charged money for lunch until next year.

Just because it is prepared fresh, does not mean it is good, though. Michael Kardasis, a freshman who eats school lunch most days said, “Dude, that stuff is nasty bro, I’d rather eat some Sunrise. I don’t even know what they put in that stuff dawg.”

If you are interested in the school menu for April, you can view what it has to offer here.

On April 1st, the school offered General Tso’s chicken and a rice “bowl”. The chicken was sweet but did not have much flavor on the inside. The rice was pretty much tasteless as well. Even though this lunch was not the best, does not mean that all of them won’t be. All students can do is hope that next year’s lunches can be improved.