Course Recommendation: AP Language and Composition

Course Recommendation: AP Language and Composition

By Maddie Galesi, Staff Writer

Scrolling through the Wayne Hills program of studies, you may notice a class titled AP Language and Composition. Although it may sound like a boring English class, AP Lang is truly one of the most valuable classes Wayne Hills has to offer. 

AP Lang and Comp is a super interesting elective that will help you with any writing you do in the future. In the class, you learn about the basic principles of writing as well as different techniques used by professional writers. While reading classic and modern works, you also analyze different topics such as sports, pop culture, the environment, etc.

The class is largely discussion-based in which you share your ideas with your classmates and debate different topics. The information you learn about rhetoric and literature is beneficial in all future classes, especially English. 

The current teacher of AP Lang and English 11, Mr. Fleissner, recommends this class to anyone. Keeping in mind the amount of writing, any student that is “engaged and curious about the world, and ones who have something to say,” would succeed in the course. 

Fleissner says a benefit to taking the class is students will become a more, “intelligent, savvy and informed members of society. Plus, you can test out of freshman comp in college.”

From a student’s perspective, the main advantage to taking AP Lang is “learning to write effectively and defend any argument you make,” says current Junior in the class, Lilly Weltman. 

Most people active in the course say their favorite part of the class is the arguments. Adrianna Gialenella, a current junior in the class, says “the arguments are interesting and fun whether they are about literary content or random topics, such as the type of best cookie.”

When taking the class, you also prepare for the exam in May by practicing multiple-choice and timed essays.

Overall, AP Lang is an amazing course that truly helps in so many ways. The main gist of the course is learning to “argue effectively yourself,” says Mr. Fleissner, who never has a dull moment in class. 

As a attendee of the class myself, I strongly recommend any student interested in becoming a better writer or formulating better opinions to take this course as the skills learned will better prepare you for the future.