Ski Team Competes at States


Wayne Hills skier going down the slopes at the state tournament

By James Adamo, Staff Writer

The Wayne Hills ski team had a great regular season, leading up to the anticipated state tournament that took place on February 15, 2022. 

Throughout the season, many of the same names popped up in the scoring box for Hills. These names included three seniors, Camilo Sanchez, Ryan Brim, and Tyler Sirot. When asked how he felt going into the tournament, Camilo had this to say, “I felt that as a team, we came into the tournament slightly nervous, as some of the skiers had little to no experience at this big of a stage.” He also added, “The teams that we were facing were very talented teams so as a team, we knew that winning a competition would be no easy feat.”

Camilo and the rest of the team went to the first race very eager to be a part of a state tournament that was limited last season due to Covid-19 protocols. The boys team had an unfortunate first run, falling into 10th place out of 11 teams, with senior Ryan Brim leading the school in time with a 1:17.38 total race time. The girls team did not prevail either, falling into last place among 11 teams competing with junior Siena Varano leading the school in time with a 1:28.26 total race time. 

On the second day of races, the Wayne Hills team went into the race with optimism and a hope for a better outcome than their previous day of state racing. The boys team came into the competition with a better performance than before, with Wayne Hills placing 9th out of 11 teams. Senior Ryan Brim had an impressive first run with his first time being 41.04 (9th out of 63 competitors) and an overall performance of 1:18.27 (7th put of 63). The girls team saw limited progress as well, placing 10th out of 11 teams. Junior Madelyn Allegri placed the best out of all other girls on the Hills team, finishing with a time of 1:39.63 (30th out of 63 competitors). 

Although limited success in the state tournament, the Wayne Hills ski team did see progress over the two days from both the boys and girls in the competition. When asked how he felt about the season coming to an unfortunate end, Camilo Sanchez had this to say, “It is very upsetting to see our season end the way it did, however, the experience and fun that I had with this team is one that I will never forget.”