Tri-M Holds Induction Ceremony


By Lilibeth Arriaga, Staff Writer

Wayne Hills National Music Honor Society held an induction ceremony on Tuesday February 8 for the Tri-M program.  The celebrated was held to share the excellence in the music performance. This program allows students to enjoy their passion for music and promotes interest in it. 

Tri-M is a music program that stands for Modern, Music, Masters. This program allows students to express themselves through music and allows students to see music both as academic and artist pursuit. The Tri-M does not only give students the opportunity to play music but also helps benefit the studying of music that will provide a great example of music education. 

The Vice President of the Wayne Hills Tri-M program, Matthew Cioletti stated, “What students get out of the program, I believe, is a proud symbol of the work they have contributed to music in their high school career. Sharing joy through music together can lead to meaningful experiences and livelong memories. Impactful for future students and generations.”

Tri-M shares and allows students to increase their involvement with music as well as it allows each student to unify to the music program.

Senior Maggie Guo stated, “Being in band had given me many memorable experiences so I joined Tri-M because I believe that being a part of this program would be able to provide me with further valuable lessons and opportunities for growth”