Are There Seriously Zero Covid-19 Cases at School?


By Geena Kim, Staff Writer

Covid-19 cases have tremendously decreased to a whopping number of 0 compared to the beginning of 2022! This year has definitely been one of the busiest years for the superintendent, Dr. Toback, including the Board of Education. With a total of nine emails and letters being sent out by Dr. Toback answering questions and updating Covid-19 restrictions to our parents (only in the months of December and January). We are all relieved to hear that Covid cases have come to an end in Wayne, hopefully forever.

As most of us know, when we came back from winter break there were big amounts of students and teachers missing from each class and grade level, including myself. There were approximately 800 cases all around the different schools in Wayne. With emails being sent every week with more and more bad news about quarantining, remote learning, contact tracing, and new guidelines. It really seemed like it was never ending in January. To make matters worse another state emergency was announced on January 11, 2022 which sent some parents into a panic since their children were still attending school but didn’t have Covid. The BOE definitely got an earful from parents with worries about their children. They handled it perfectly and sent updates each week and look where we are now!

Going from 800 cases to zero is a big accomplishment in under 2 months. In a board meeting on February 13, Dr. Toback stated, “Today was the first day in a long time when we had no new COVID cases. Our current numbers represent a dramatic reduction from our first new year report when over 800 students and staff tested positive for COVID or were under quarantine.” Another milestone to the pandemic recovery is the state is repealing mask mandates in schools! On March 7 it will be optional to wear a mask to school. Although Gov. Murphy isn’t repealing masks mandates everywhere, schools are a starting point.

To get opinions and thoughts from students at Wayne Hills I asked a few questions to Riya Kachroo, a junior here at Wayne Hills.

Q: How did you feel in the beginning of 2022 when COVID rates were high?
A: I was scared we were going to shut down again because of us being virtual last year. I’ve really been enjoying school and so hearing the cases were high was scary.

Q: How do you feel that the mask mandates in schools are being lifted?
A:I’m happy that the mask mandate is being lifted because school will start to feel more normal. I think as long as people are vaccinated and following COVID regulations it’s a good idea. I don’t think unvaccinated people should be allowed to remove their masks.