Gun Violence Rising in New York City

Gun Violence rising each year in NYC

By Lilibeth Arriaga, Staff Writer

Recent incidents of gun violence have left people worried of what has been occuring in New York, leaving New York citizens in distress of all the tragedies that might happen next. The gun violence has been rising each year, with many people ending up dead or harmed.

On Monday, February 7, 3 incidents were reported. A woman in New York city was killed by a bullet that was not intended for her on Bronx. Another report was said that a man was killed by a bullet to the back and as well as another man killed by a gunshot to the chest. All incidents occurred within 7 hours of each other.

The gun violence rate has been increasing over time, making the mayor of New York, Eric Adams introduce his blueprint to end gun violence causing more than two dozen people have been shot in the city.

A student from Wayne Hills gives their insight on the gun violence increasing.

Hatice Bezci, a senior at Wayne Hills stated “They should regulate the use of guns to stop all the rates of death as well as not allowing people to just get guns whenever they feel like it.”

With all the high rates of crime that is occuring, the mayor has been trying to decrease it by making stricter laws  and trying to end the violence of guns. Many people don’t know when all this would end or if the gun violence will ever stop.