Are the Gym Shirts Necessary?


Sophomore PE shirts

By Emily Kozak

Over these past couple of weeks, Wayne Hills students have been asked to purchase shirts for Physical Education.

Many students and parents have been saying that this is unnecessary and a waste of money. The gym shirts are also $6 each.

Sophomore PE Shirts

“I don’t know why we have the gym shirts, I just think it’s a uniform. I think it’s like in middle school where you have a uniform,” says PE teacher Mr. Canonaco.

“I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, I’m just confused about what is so special about this shirt that we have to wear compared to our normal clothes,” says Sophomore Alyssa Colucci.

The freshmen wear gold gym shirts, sophomores wear black shirts, juniors wear grey shirts, and seniors wear maroon. These are basically plain shirts with a Wayne Hills Physical Education logo.

¨I really don’t like the shirts because I just don’t see the point of having them,” says sophomore Miranda Huhn.

Many students have said similar things about how the shirts are unnecessary and a waste of money.

So what’s the point in wasting money on a plain shirt that you probably have at home?

¨I don’t think there’s a point in them. They should have long sleeve options too,” says sophomore Noor Rana.

“The only reason they want us to buy the $6 t-shirts is cause they know that they won’t make money during the spirit rally. They know they might not make as much money from the rally so in order to get the same amount of money from previous years they make us buy the shirts,” says Senior Mo Sagha.