Wayne Suffers Bus Driver Shortage


Courtesy of Amanda Horn

By Amanda Horn, Staff Writer

The surge of the Omicron variant has greatly impacted an important part of public education: bus drivers. Many Wayne Township bus drivers have contracted COVID and are currently in quarantine, causing some bus routes and stops to not be able to run. This causes delays and reroutes for buses which causes students to be late to school and miss important time in their first period class. Superintendent Toback sent a letter on Monday, the 10th, about the delays and reroutes that buses have to take now.

Shea Riordan, a Sophomore who rides the bus, says, “Recently, my bus has been a little longer than usual because I think we have an extra stop. It doesn’t really matter to me but I know other people who have after school sports or activities that take place right after school and now they rush to get ready.” 

Courtesy of DallasNews.com

There have been many mornings when the main office announces that a bus has been delayed and will arrive shortly, and to not mark them absent or tardy. This bus delay interrupts the first class of the morning because now the teachers have to wait for the bus students to arrive. So the delay of buses inconveniences the students already in the room and the ones who ride the bus.

The shortage of bus drivers is not just happening here in Wayne. Nation-wide bus drivers are needed. They are a vital part of educational transportation and not just anyone can do it. You need to have your commercial driver’s license, which requires training programs, have a background check done and be physically fit. All of these aspects have made students and other drivers safe and secure.