Student Shares Their Opinions About Academic Life During COVID-19


Student is focused on her academics as she plans her daily schedule

By Lilibeth Arriaga, Staff Writer

The academic life of a student determines the success one holds. The achievements of an academic life are important to those who want to determine their own future while achieving their own dreams. Academic success is important in order to have positive outcomes in life. 

Academic life isn’t all about school work but also about accepting responsibility, managing your time with school work and social life. As well as how you portray yourself as a student in everyday life. 

Series of questions were asked such as how important are school academics to them, How are they academically successful, How is time management helping, and finally what is the definition of academic success to them. A student at Wayne Hills shares about her academic life and how it impacts her in various ways. 

Alayna Gonzalez, a junior , stated that her academic life has been challenging over the past year. Due to the inconvenience of COVID-19 school work has been a bit difficult to catch up with. She stated her definition of academic success “For me Academic success means getting straight A’s and getting into the college that I really want to.”

The academic life for Alayna is really important to her which for her determines her whole future. She had stated “School is pretty important to me because I want to go to college after I graduated from high school.” The determination one holds determines the future one can succeed in. Her everyday plan is getting good grades although school can become stressful and difficult. 

Alayna describes how she manages her time with school and outside activities. “ I make  a schedule in my planner and on my phone to manage time. Yes, school is pretty difficult and I deal with it by taking a day off if needed.” 

Students can often have different perspectives on their own academic success. At the end of the day everyone wants to become successful in their school accomplishments.

Danny Shulman a senior at Wayne Hills stated “Due to COVID-19 the whole virtual learning affected my school life, It was difficult to do class in the mornings, now this new change has been different for me.”