Arcane: A Video Game TV Show That Works


By Jieun Paik , Staff Writer

Initially dismissable as a show only for League of Legends fans, Arcane is the animated Netflix show that would interest even non-gamers. Even from episode one, the show is visually compelling and well developed. The steampunk aesthetics of the show range from dark and gritty to playful, and the action is sure to keep the attention of all viewers.

Arcane tells the story of protagonist Vi and her ragtag group of friends when they stumble upon powerful crystals called Hextech crystals, which are being used by a group of evil scientists to create weapons and various artifacts.

The show works because it is made for everyone. For the dedicated League of Legends(LoL) fan, who knows all the lore and is excited to find easter eggs. For the casual viewer, who watched the show because it appeared on their Netflix dash. It doesn’t assume that whoever is watching knows everything, and the project acts as a bridge into the complex world that is LoL lore.

“I commend the creativity behind each champion’s story. It’s always been interesting seeing how characters that players love come to life and develop into the personalities that we know of from the game. Overall, from the plot, art, and cinematic, Arcane gets 5 stars from me,” said Daniella Magibin.

Overall, reactions to the show seem to be overwhelmingly positive, even from those that are not familiar with any of the LoL characters or lore. There is a very simple explanation for the Netflix show’s success.

The plot is a relatively simple action fantasy, and the characters are flawed but fun to watch. Though the content can get a little dark at times, the show is suitable for anyone over 14 years old. It is easily anyone’s next weekend binge, or a small 40-minute break from stressful schoolwork.

So far, there are 6 episodes, and each episode is 40 minutes long. The next three episodes are set to air on November 20. It is available on Netflix.