Students Face End of the Marking Period Scramble

By Chloe Levy and Jackie Sauer, Staff Writer

It happens to everyone, the end of the marking period sneaks up on you, and your grades aren’t what you expected. Wayne Hills High School first marking period ends Friday, November 12th.

Grades are something at the forefront of many students’ minds, especially in high school, and the end of a marking period will lead to serious stress.

Students struggle to find a healthy balance between schoolwork and free time, so sometimes when the end of the marking period hits, you aren’t the most prepared. 

As many students prepare to apply to college, one bad marking period can affect the entire application.

School gets crazy, assignment pile up, and there are so many tests, quizzes, and so on.

Freshman Molly Strauss said, “It’s so unfair when teachers pack tests in and kill my average. Like it doesn’t matter how hard I study–there’s just too many.”

Worry piles on now more than ever in end marking period. 

Some things students can do to handle the stress: eat well, get enough sleep, be physically active, and take time to relax as well as work and study.

Valley Freshman Stefana Cmijanovic said, “I never realize how quick the end of the marking period and then all my teachers give all this work, and it’s pretty scary, ya know.”