Update on ShopRite’s New Location


Sasha Budesa

ShopRite Aisles showing organization

By Lilibeth Arriaga and Sasha Budesa

The grand opening of ShopRite took place on the 30th of October. The new location has brought many attention to customers and how spacious it is inside.This new ShopRite has been the new hit in Wayne. Many people love the idea of having a ShopRite that consists of a variety of Items to purchase.

This new shopRite has 19 isles neatly organized with shelves fully stocked. The store is neatly organized allowing many customers to enjoy shopping. This market is one of the biggest supermarkets yet, which is a convenience to allow many more customers.The new ShopRite features a fresh, renovated look that differs from previous locations. Aisles are a sleek and modern grey and white, rather than ShopRites usual yellow.

This supermarket has many items to purchase from. They have locally grown and organic fruits and vegetables that are freshly put on display. The butcher meat department has a wide variety of meat selections. They even have a bakery section where they have a selection of fresh baked goods such as pastries, cakes and bread. Not only that but this new ShopRite has professionally trained chefs serving restaurant quality food daily. As well as a wellness center that helps with meal preps for customers.

ShopRite also has a variety of cultural items that allows you to pick and choose from, including selections of South and East Asian vegetables and cuisines. 

For the convenience of customers ShopRite allows self checkout and traditional lanes. As well as an online shopping service, ShopRite also does deliveries and allows pickups.

ShopRite is offering many spots for jobs in their store. ShopRite has been hosting many sweepstakes for their grand opening giving the opportunity for customers to win prizes. These prizes consist of winning a Thanksgiving Dinner for 10, pies, floral arrangements and a year’s worth of Frito Lay chips, Coca-Cola or Wise products, to even winning a smart Tv!

Alexandra Annicaro, a senior at Wayne Hills, said that the new ShopRite was great, but that when using the stores “Online Pickup” feature, “some of the produce was rotting, and some of the containers were broken and not sealed.” Quality control issues are normal in the first few days of a stores opening, and we’re sure that ShopRite will have any such concerns sorted out as soon as possible.