Gas Prices Affecting Students

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By Lilibeth Arriaga, Staff Writer

After pumping gas to your car you probably noticed the rise of prices. Gas prices are some of the main concerns citizens of New Jerseys have. Gas prices have been rising in the last year. With many people paying extra money in gallons of gas. The cause of this was determined by the high price of crude oil.

The gas prices are due to the fact that the economy prices are rising. Which ends up affecting the citizens with paying more in gas. The price as of 11/15/21,the price of gas in New Jersey being $3.45. Many people dislike the idea of having to pay extra in gallons of gas. Many have expressed how this is way to expensive to be paying for. Although it is a necessity people aren’t happy with it.

With many people driving to work, school and to run errands gas is a main priory to have. A Senior student of PHS Bryant Aguilar stated, ” I have to reduce everything I want that is not necessary [In order to have enough money for gas]. I have to sacrifice a large portion of my weekly paycheck just to travel from one place to another.”

“I spend around 60 bucks on gas which is rising every time”, Christin DeFranco a senior at Wayne Hills, stated.

This has been affecting students due to having to pay more for gas now, which they aren’t happy about. Many hope that prices will become regular. Many might start considering buying an electrical car in order to avoid the prices of gas.