The Class of 2022 Visits Prospective Colleges


The Class of 2022 visits prospective colleges.

By Eunho Jung, Senior Editor

As the college admissions process rolls around, the current seniors are slowly preparing for their application deadline. Whether it’s filling out the Common Application or visiting colleges in-person, the college admissions season has been in full force.

From schools in Florida to Wisconsin, the Class of 2022 is going all over the country to visit potential colleges and universities. Starting from late August, seniors have been narrowing down their prospective choices. After COVID-19 hindered in-person visits for a while, seniors and students finally have the opportunity to tour their dream schools.

Over the long teacher convention weekend, many seniors used the opportunity to tour their prospective colleges. Sydney Levitt visited Miami University. Staff Writer Jenna Lewis visited the University of Connecticut (UConn). Katy Gorden visited the Rochester Institute of Technology. Fara Lagstein toured Clemson University in South Carolina. Several other seniors also toured colleges of interest. Seniors either self-toured the college themselves or attended a student-led tour.

Not only are students able to visit a potential school, but they also get a college “feel.” For many students, going to college may be the first time they are living away from home on their own. Students get to see first-hand the student life and academia present on campus.

Sydney Levitt shared her interest in the University of Miami, sharing, “I loved visiting the University of Miami! It was my first time visiting a college and it was an amazing experience. My favorite aspect is definitely the beautiful campus and the lake in the middle of it. It also is not too big so it’s easy to walk everywhere!”

Becky Jenkins and her twin sister Julie Jenkins toured several colleges such as Pennsylvania State University, Syracuse University, Virginia Tech, the University of Maryland, the University of Delaware, Michigan State University, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “I really liked the view of the lake from [the University of Wisconsin-Madison].” Out of all the colleges she visited, Becky shared that her favorite was either Pennslyvania State University or Syracuse University. Her twin sister Julie agreed that Pennslyvania State University was also one of her favorite colleges that she visited.

Colleges and universities are also coming to Wayne Hills virtually or in person to hold college “visits.” Colleges like the University of Alabama, Syracuse University, and Kean University have “visited” Wayne Hills. If you wish to attend one of these “visits,” please sign up through Naviance!

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