Vergano Wins the Votes of Wayne Citizens in the 2021 Mayoral Election



Christopher Vergano, Wayne’s Mayor

By Gianna Bernier, Staff Writer

In Wayne’s 2021 Mayoral Election, Christopher Vergano, a Republican endeavoring to renew his position as Mayor, won in a 41.96% margin against Arlene Sullivan, a Democrat.

Christopher Vergano, the Wayne New Jersey Mayor since 2008, was seeking another term serving the Wayne Township. He is the General Manager and Vice President of a “multi-million-dollar corporation.” Vergano is confident that because he was able to successfully veer the citizens of Wayne clear of any objectively alarming coronavirus outbreaks, he can handle any curveballs thrown at Wayne. Arlene Sullivan, the opposing candidate, is a Democrat who aspired to change the priorities of a township that has completely disregarded the input of marginalized individuals for the past 20 years. Sullivan has been a lifelong Visual and Graphic Arts teacher, graduating from William Patterson University. 

Current issues directly affecting Wayne include, but are not limited to, climate change, social injustice, economic climate and state finances, education, and healthcare. The league moderator, Donna Ward, questioned both Vergano and Sullivan, rendering them both one minute to answer each question. The questions that were posed to the candidates were coming from the audience in attendance. 

A primary election is ultimately an election that is set in place to reduce the abundance of candidates for a particular elective office. Primary elections also work to narrow the individuals nominated for political parties. In this year’s primary, both Vergano and Sullivan did not have to beat anyone because there were no other candidates running for their political parties.

Vergano at Amore's Restaurant After Winning Election
Vergano at Amore’s Restaurant After Winning Election (TAPinto)

At Amore’s restaurant, a party was being held for Wayne Mayor Christopher Vergano at around 10:00 P.M. Vergano, alongside three Republican council candidates running in this year’s election, entered the stage in front of a crowd of people and said,  “In case you’re wondering why the four of us are standing up here, we won.”

“I think it is great that our town has the opportunity to vote for who will be mayor. Now, the next hope is that our mayor will act according to what is best for the community of Wayne,” said sophomore Sasha Abramsky at Wayne Hills High School.

Christopher Vergano is expected to take office on January first, 2021, after winning this year’s mayoral election.

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