“30” Adele’s First Album Since 2015!



By Trisha Vyas, Junior Editor

After six long years since Adele’s last album “25”, her new album “30” is set to come out on November 19th, 2021. Adele let her fans have a sneak peek of her new album with her new single “Easy on Me”, which has already gained a lot of traction and is already No. 1 on both Billboard and Global charts in less than two weeks.

Sophomore at Wayne Hills, Gianna Anzaldi is one of the many students at Hills that loves Adele’s new work. “I love Adele’s new song “Easy On Me” because she announced that the lyrics include references to her divorce from her ex-husband, Simon Konecki. I think that when Adele writes her songs based on real situations it makes the song more meaningful and better to listen to because you are able to understand her point of view. I can’t  wait for her new album to come out in November because if “Easy On Me” was just released, I can’t wait to see what other songs she has planned.” 

Her new album “30” is named like her previous albums: all named after the age she was while writing each of them. Since Adele is now 33 years old, 2019 was the year that she was writing her upcoming album. That is also the year that she divorced her husband and father of her son, which is what the album is inspired by. 

However, Adele does not want her divorce to solely be the focus of the album. She expresses that writing the album was also during a time when she was healing, both physically and mentally.

She says, “I’ve painstakingly rebuilt my house and my heart since then and this album narrates it.” It was also a time for “self-destruction,” “self-reflection” and “self-redemption.”

Adele has also taken time to focus on her physical health, working out two to three times a day and noticing a significant weight loss. The singer says that exercising has led her to have happier moods and less anxiety.

Overall, “30” resembles Adele’s regrowth and healing from past hardships and if it is like any of her past albums, it is bound to be one of the highest topping charts of 2021.