Crisis in School Bus Shortages

By Lilibeth Arriaga, Staff Writer

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This year, the crisis of bus shortage has struck, with not many bus drivers there isn’t a solution at the moment. Students have shown their concern as to why buses have delays. It is only the third week of school, and many have expressed their complaints.

While students arrive late to school, the bus shortage has been the primary concern to Wayne schools. Many students complain about the bus having delays and drop-off being lengthy. While this is an issue, the district has no practical solution to this problem.

A student of Wayne Hills expressed how this has affected their schedule. A freshman Emily Giraldo stated, “They always come late, It can be annoying.” The bus never really has a specific schedule which is frustrating for students.   

The pandemic has caused bus shortages, and new restrictions are needed to be hired as a bus driver. With many daily routes that bus drivers have to take, it is difficult to arrive at the exact time. The bus shortages have been an obstacle for the school and even the parents of the students. 

The parents of these students have started their concerns on how the bus shortages affect them. A parent of an elementary student of Wayne, Jose Munoz, says, “It’s scary to think that since there are bus shortages, there’s a lot of kids in one bus. The buses have been running behind since the first day of school for more than 30 minutes every day.” Many disagree with how the district doesn’t have enough buses throughout the day, as well as being concerned about why their kids don’t arrive at a specific time. 

As many are frustrated with this bus issue, the district has a solution to this. They have offered to pay for the cost of training for commercial drivers by agreeing to drive the school buses. The lack of buses has brought many complaints through the first week of school.