Students Plan Monthly Spirit Fridays


By Maddie Galesi, Staff Writer

Considering a traditional spirit week, a full week dedicated to dressing up and earning points for your grade is unachievable with the COVID restrictions, the freshman class student council devised a plan to accommodate spirit week virtually.

Freshman class president, Ava Milevski, says the inspiration for virtual spirit week came from something she took part in at Schuyler Colfax Middle School. She wanted to create a way for students to be more motivated and to induce healthy competition. Milevski says that because some of the most exciting events at Hills have been cancelled since last year, she hopes to “fill that void, even if it is a small impact.”

Sophomore class president, Ramsey Kubofcik, says that he is proud of the freshman for coming up with such a wonderful idea and he can not wait to work with them for the next two years. Kubofcik also says he is “happy that we will be able to have the various Spirit Week activities that we have each year.”

On the last Friday of every month, February to May, students will have something to look forward to. On those days, students will have the opportunity to send in photos of them dressed up according to that day’s theme. This accomplishes a full spirit ‘week’ spread out over 4 months. 

The first Spirit Day started on February 26th and the theme was pajamas.

The form to submit your spirit day photos is accessible for freshman, sophomore, and juniors through their history google classroom pages. Seniors can access the form through their English google classroom. You can also send in photos using the link,

Members of the student council will count up the photos to determine spirit points for each grade level.