Back to the Future Hearts Tour Overview

Back to the Future Hearts Tour Overview

By Alyssa Robbins, Staff Writer

All Time Low’s Back to the Future hearts tour has just ended.  Many of the fans were so happy when they got to see the band, which includes: hearing Alex Gaskarth sing and make fun of Jack,  watching Jack Barakat play guitar and fool around with Alex, getting heart eyes when Zack Merrick plays bass and stares into space when Jack and Alex talk, and getting mesmerized when Rian Dawson plays the drums and laughs at everything.  The tour was a huge success!  It was so successful, that they added more dates to the tour.

I personally went to the concert at the Starland Ballroom and, let me tell you, it was not a letdown.  All Time Low was as hyped as they could be.  Even though, the day before one of their dear friends passed away, it did not stop them from having a fantastic show.

“All Time Low was amazing!  I was so excited to see them.  It was my first time seeing them live and I wish I could see them every day!  They were so funny and all of their songs were amazing to see live.”, said Nicole Petillo, freshman.

The band overall loves touring, meeting fans, and performing. Gaskarth says in an interview with AXS, “We love doing what we do and there’s been a lot of buzz and new fans.  It feels good.”  Congrats on the amazing tour and good luck in 2016.