Updated Opinions on Hybrid Schedule

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monthly calender december clipart

By Maddie Galesi, Staff Writer

Since students found out about the hybrid schedule in September, many have been anticipating news that there will be a shift to two cohorts. With the current rise in COVID cases, that change is unlikely. 

The first marking period was a very strange adjustment and many students switched to all virtual learning. Many decided to switch because of fear they were putting family members at risk or they felt learning at home was more suitable. The first marking period allowed students and teachers to get used to the unusual learning environment that was necessary for ensuring safety for everyone. Students and teachers are still getting used to hybrid learning and adjusting to the technology that comes along with it.

At the beginning of the school year, many students were excited that they had an opportunity to still come to school, even though they only saw one-third of their classmates.” I used to have a lot of motivation for school, but I’m finding it to be a constant struggle to keep my grades up when all I am doing is sitting in front of a computer screen for numerous hours at a time,” says Freshman Brielle Scala.” “I enjoyed the hybrid schedule for the most part. I noticed when I was at school I was more energetic and felt more like myself. When I was at home for a long period of time, I was always tired and never had anything to look forward to. Also, I was upset when I was not able to go to school the week before break”

Students’ thoughts have changed greatly since the hybrid schedule was announced. “I think that initially, the hybrid schedule was a very beneficial way to begin the school year,” says Sophomore Siena Varano. “It efficiently split up the school into smaller groups to create an environment for students to still receive an in-person education. However, I found that many kids switched to the all virtual schedule which resulted in the rest of the kids being left with their teachers and no classmates. I know many people that only switched to the virtual schedule because they did not want to be alone in class. Overall, I think that the hybrid schedule is no longer as efficient because it is very challenging to learn without the usual amount of classmates in school.”

Sophomore Daniella Brunetti has the same opinion. “The hybrid schedule has impacted my sophomore year greatly,” says Daniella. “I am all virtual, therefore I never get to see my classmates or teachers. In September, I was glad there was an option for us to go to school. Now I feel with everyone going virtual, there are more complications with the schedule. The schedule is constantly changing and it is really hard to keep up. I have no hope of everyone returning to school at once. I thought the hybrid schedule would benefit everyone, but it just makes things more complicated.”

Many have grown to find the hybrid schedule unnecessary and confusing. “My feelings on the hybrid schedule definitely changed,” says Junior Lexi Trachtenberg. “I feel as if it is not ideal for anyone. It’s a tough situation to be dealing with, but it is hard for me and other juniors since we have been so used to going to school all together normally. Now with this whole thing, I barely get to see my friends and I feel like my high school years are going to waste. Hybrid is tough to learn in, and the environment is hard as well. It’s tough to say it since it’s how we need to adjust to things, but I as well as many others have gotten their normal high school experience taken away from them.”

Seniors have been impacted the most with college applications and they don’t get to spend their last year at Wayne Hills in-person. “In September, I was really happy there was an opportunity for us to go to school, even if it was with one-third of the people I would normally see,” says Senior Julia Galesi. “As the year went on, going to school seemed less desirable and staying home seemed like a safer option, especially with the rise in cases over the holidays. I thought the hybrid schedule would be beneficial, but now I feel like it’s useless and we should just go all remote, at least until things get better.” 

With new updates on COVID coming every day, it is hard to predict what the schedule for 2021 will look like. Hopefully, more students will eventually have the opportunity to come to school. It is important to stay positive and hope things get better for the second half of the 2020-2021 school year.