NHS Thanks Teachers Through Personalized Videos


By Luke Kaplan and Yulieanna Sim

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, National Honor Society members created heartfelt videos for their favorite teachers as well as a video thanking the teachers at Wayne Hills as a whole.

Every month, NHS carries out a project to help the community, and for November, they were determined to give thanks to the teachers who have made an impact on their lives. The video sent to all of the staff featured an assortment of clips of various NHS members thanking teachers verbally or holding up a sign saying “Thank you.”  

“We appreciate all they have done to try and make this year as successful as possible. I think that this was a successful project and brought joy to all the teachers for Thanksgiving,” said NHS President Nicole Bergman. 

Thirty-five of these videos were sent out right just in time to boost the spirits of Wayne Hills’ hardworking faculty before Thanksgiving. The teachers individually thanked the students for the warm, sincere messages and all claimed the unexpected surprise made their day. 

“I thought it was a really kind gesture. It’s nice to feel appreciated, and a lot of the teachers have been working really hard because this is new for all of us. It put a smile on my face that day,” commented Wayne Hills Teacher Todd Green.

NHS students were eager to participate in giving their favorite teachers this mini-holiday present in appreciation for all their hard work. It was an opportunity to give thanks for all the help and assistance along the way that they couldn’t say to them before, especially during these hard times. 

“I enjoyed giving back and saying thanks to my teachers and seeing how much an impact it had on them. This past year has been tough on everyone, and teachers don’t get enough recognition for what they do for their students,” commented Senior Lydia Balah. 

NHS succeeded in spreading joy this holiday season and hopes to continue incorporating gratitude throughout their volunteer projects this year.