Are teenagers addicted to their phones?

Are teenagers addicted to their phones?

By Maddie Galesi, Staff Writer

With new models of iPhones and helpful apps marketed toward teens being released multiple times a year, it is rare to see a teenager not addicted to their phone.

Students use their phones for a lot more than communication. Lately, there are apps and features for pretty much anything; alarm clocks, calendars, even checking your heart rate can be done through an iPhone. Teenagers find out all of their information through technology, whether it is school-related using Google Classroom or checking up on news through Instagram or Twitter. It’s no surprise that students are always looking at their screens. 

Results of a 2016 Common Sense Media Report found that 50 percent of teens “feel addicted” to mobile devices. 59 percent of parents that were surveyed believe that kids are addicted to their phones. Screen-Edu has determined that 41% of teens feel overwhelmed by the number of notifications they receive daily. Common Sense Media also reported that 78% of teens check their devices at least once an hour.

After asking 20 high school students throughout all grade levels, the average number of daily screen time was 7.5 hours. The highest number of daily screen time was 11 hours and the lowest was 5 hours. The majority of students spend over 5 hours on their devices daily. Many students reported that they are most active on their phones around 9 or 10 p.m.

After asking students if they felt addicted to their phones, there was a variation of responses.

“I do feel somewhat addicted to my iPhone,” says Sophomore Siena Varano. “I always find myself checking it and I find it hard to put my phone down, especially before I go to sleep. I definitely spend the most time on Tik Tok because I find it really funny and it distracts me from school. I also use social media apps a lot such as Instagram and Snapchat.”

“I usually feel drawn to my phone in the sense that I can’t leave my room without it,” says Sophomore Megan Lewis. “I guess I don’t want to miss something if anyone needs me. I definitely spend the most time on Tik Tok.”

While most teenagers agree that they are addicted to their phones, there are a select few that feel differently. “I’m not addicted to my phone,” says Sophomore Daniella Brunetti. “I really only use it to stay in touch with friends and distant family. I don’t really play games and I’m not super active on social media.” 

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