Students Honor Hard-Working Custodians


By Hikmet Aksoy, Staff Writer

To thank our building’s hard-working custodians, Sarah Getzke’s class organized a special “Custodian Appreciation Day” celebration.

“I came up with the idea, I usually do things on my own to show my appreciation for these hard-working gentlemen, but this year I wanted to involve the students,” said Getzke.  “The custodians are so kind and attentive to my students every day and always have been. They take the time to say hello, and crack some jokes, give high fives, and lunchtime talks.  Not to mention how incredibly helpful they are to me.”

“All of the planning for the custodian day took place in my transition classes. We had the main office call the custodians out of their office, and we snuck into their room to decorate and hang posters,” Getzke said.  The class also made cookies, brought snacks, and prepared goody bags.

The poster said “Thank you Custodians, you are our lifesavers.” In their goody bags, they found all varieties of LifeSaver candies.

Getzke says she hopes to show appreciation to many more groups around the school throughout the year: “Especially this year, I thought our staff could use a little more appreciation,” Getzke said.

The Structure Learning Experience (SLE) program generally places students at different job sites throughout the community where they learn valuable job and social skills.

“Due to the current restrictions, our students are unable to travel to their job sites,” says Getzke. “I thought by creating a Public Relations Committee, it would provide my students a job opportunity in house while we are not traveling outside of the school,” she said.  The Custodian Day was just one of those efforts.