Girl’s Volleyball Season Pushed to February

Girl’s Volleyball Season Pushed to February

By Maddie Galesi, Staff Writer

The Girl’s Volleyball season has been officially moved from Fall to February 16th due to COVID-19. 

The NJSIAA announced its concern for the safety of indoor fall sports–volleyball and gymnastics–on August 20th. Football, boys and girls soccer, field hockey, girls tennis, and cross country will continue a relatively normal season with COVID-19 regulations. 

“How will there be room for all indoor sports in February?” said Junior Kaylyn Alejo. “I feel as if ‘moving the season’ was just a delay instead of telling us our season won’t happen.”  With winter sports ending and spring sports beginning in February, there are concerns that there will be no space for all sports to get a fair amount of practice time. There is also concern that many team members are involved in other sports that may conflict with pre-season for spring or any tournaments for winter. 

Many athletes are also annoyed that sports with more contact than indoor volleyball and gymnastics still get to have their seasons.

“If other contact sports like soccer, cheerleading, and football can happen why can’t we? All other sports are happening when our sport has no contact with the players except with the ball,” comments senior Abbey Quagliana.

“If we attend school, why can’t we have a season?” asked junior Lexi Trachtenberg. 

 The NJSIAA claims that since Volleyball is an indoor sport, it has a greater chance of spreading COVID-19. Though volleyball teams are unable to practice inside, many are continuing and working out outdoors. Good luck to the Girl’s Volleyball team and make sure to support them in February.