Second Season Promised for Popular Netflix Drama Outer Banks


By Dia Ciccone, Staff Writer

The hit Netflix original, Outer Banks, is now renewed for a second season coming in spring of 2021 and has millions of people waiting for the continuation of five sixteen-year-old main characters and their chilling adventures. Outer Banks was released and gained the majority of its popularity during quarantine when most of us were bored at home with nothing to do, and its audience is thrilled to find that season 2 is coming within a matter of months.

The first episode of Outer Banks starts off with one of the main characters, John Booker Routledge, played by Chase Stokes, introducing his friends and where he lives. He gives a brief overview of the island he lives on, highlighting the vastly different rich and poor sides. He and his friends, Kiara Carrera, played by Madison Bailey, JJ Maybank, played by Rudy Pankow, and Pope Heyward, played by Jonathan Daviss, live on the poor side of the island. This run-down area is mainly referred to as ‘The Cut’, and people who reside there call themselves Pogues. Correspondingly, the rich side calls themselves the Kooks.

Their phone-free and independent lifestyles allow the group of teens to boat and swim by day while running from the police force by night. The action really takes off when John B embarks on a treasure hunt that his father went missing on. He convinces the rest of the gang to get involved in the search for gold to ultimately finish what his dad started. 

“Once you start, you can’t stop. Every show ends in a cliffhanger and it’s hard to not continue to the next episode after every watch. It is such a creative show and I can’t wait to watch season 2,” said Senior Thomas D’Agati. 

Since almost every episode ends with suspense, many find it hard to watch one episode at a time as opposed to bingeing the entire season. The adventures these teenagers go on are like no other. It makes us all wonder, is the Outer Banks simply a family vacation spot or a whole new world to explore?

Season 2 is currently being filmed and rumors have circulated that it will be released in April of 2021. The show was renewed within 3-4 months of the first season coming out and has been filming the second season since the summer of 2020. 

In season 2, the plot will pick up where it left off. The crew is split up and will have to figure out a way to get back home. Not much information has been released yet, but we do know that it will start with the tight-knit friend group separated, thousands of miles away from each other. 

 “I like the sense of adventure that’s in every episode because they aren’t on their phones the whole show,” said Freshman Rebekah Simon-Wainick. “I also like how the writers of the show express the relationships among the Pogues and the Kooks because it’s realistic. It also shows the effect that one person has on another.”

Although Outer Banks is clearly a fan-favorite, it’s not the only show teens have been hooked on as of recently. 

Over the summer, Netflix ratings have shown that many viewers got into Gossip Girl, Cobra Kai, The 100, and Stranger Things as well.  These shows are all very different from Outer Banks, but one thing they have in common is that they are really addictive.

“Netflix can just never disappoint with the shows they put up. They just all grab your attention so quickly,” said Freshman Gia Ciccone.