Murphy Oks Outdoor Grad Ceremonies Beginning July 6; District Still to Decide

By Danielle Cohen and Maya Kachroo

Governor Murphy has recently announced that starting July 6th, outdoor graduation ceremonies can be held but the district has yet to make a decision with regard to the Class of 2020.

These ceremonies will still have to comply with social distancing requirements – this means wearing masks, standing 6 feet apart, and etc. They will also have to be smaller with groups of about 25 people. Classes that are greater in number will have to be split up into smaller ceremonies.

Many seniors are excited about this announcement, as it brings back the possibility of having a graduation.

“I was so happy to hear this news. I feel like through this whole difficult time; an actual graduation gives me hope that we will be able to finish our high school experience in a slightly more positive way, after missing out on so much,” says senior Sydney Rodis.

“I have been looking forward to my high school graduation since I was in elementary school, and the fact that it may actually be able to happen now is so exciting to me,” says senior Nicole Collins.

While this is a hopeful sign for the Class of 2020, Principal Michael Rewick is hesitant to officially announce a decision as everything is still uncertain.

Guidelines for outdoor ceremonies were released yesterday, and school administrators all over the state are reviewing them before making any decisions.

“I would like to thank all the Seniors and their families for their incredible patience during these times. We have not been able to be as transparent as I would have liked for fear of creating false hope,” Rewick says.  “However, it looks like we have a clear sense that something will be happening, finally, in July. Be well everyone,” he adds.

While life continues to be at a standstill within quarantine, the possibility of a graduation ceremony is a step towards normalcy not only for the Class of 2020, but for everyone.