The Class of 2020 Preps for College From their Couch

By Danielle Cohen and Maya Kachroo

The class of 2020 now has more to worry about than the cancelation of prom. Seniors are faced with the possibility of spending their first semester of college online and at home. Students and parents alike are hoping that college campuses will be up and running starting in the fall, but that idea is looking less likely by the minute.

“I cannot imagine the idea of losing part of my freshman year of college on top of already missing out on senior year. I hope that when a second wave does come, everyone is more prepared to handle it, so it should not be detrimental enough to close schools again” Kyla Gallipoli, senior.

The California State University System has already announced that college classes will be held online in the fall due to the continuous spread of Covid-19. With one state already planning for online school, what can we expect for the rest of the nation?

“If college is online in the fall, it is not right to pay full tuition. We will be unable to interact directly with professors along with being unable to use many of the facilities that campus has to offer” Sydney Rodis, senior.

Tuition is another problem that American Universities have yet to address. If classes are held online, students are not getting the full experience that colleges have to offer. Many students are not willing to pay full tuition to stay at home and take classes through a screen.

“I would rather them postpone the semester as having a normal freshman college experience is important to me, and online school wouldn’t give me that,” Ashley Peyser, senior.

Students cannot help but wonder that if people took social distancing more seriously, would they still be in this situation? After a difficult end to their senior year, the class of 2020 is still hoping to be on campus for the start of their freshman year.