Student Athletes Express Disappointment As Games Are Canceled

Wayne Hills Athletics will see at least a hefty halt in terms of the timeframe in which they will start thier spring season.

Wayne Hills Athletics will see at least a hefty halt in terms of the timeframe in which they will start thier spring season.

By Angelo Aliotta and Luke Hulbert

In the wake of the coronavirus, the havoc caused across the world has impacted many upcoming events including sporting events. With the cancellation of school for at least the next three weeks, Hills athletes are disappointed.

All games and practices for the spring sports have been postponed or canceled causing the spring sports season to become much shorter than normal, essentially making the season end before it even began.

The season being canceled has obviously caused upset among players and students.

“It is shocking and also sad,” said sophomore Ben Friedman “ Seniors may never get to play the sport they once loved again and are missing out on their last chance to compete with their high school buddies.”

“All year I was looking forward to playing my spring sport and just like that it gets taken away. I love being a part of a team, I make so many memories, learn new skills and I feel like I belong,” said sophomore Riley Brennan. “During softball I feel like I’m a part of a family and having that taken away is really depressing. Hopefully, we get back out there as soon as possible.”

Senior Lacrosse player Carter Lewis expressed his disappointment regarding a game scheduled for Friday, March 27, 2020.

“We were supposed to play St. Joes today who is one of the best teams in the state,” Lewis said. “Basically all of their starters are going D1. So just the fact that I have to miss this opportunity to run out on the field with my boys for a game like this, it makes us really appreciate all the time we were able to spend together before the whole quarantine happened.”

Jason Chen, a volleyball player echoed Lewis’ sentiments. 

“I feel very sad,” said Chen.  “All the hard work I put in to prepare myself for this year is all going to waste,” he added.  Chen said he was also disappointed that he would not be spending the LAST time on the court with his teammates.

Cancellations extend far beyond Hills.  The Summer Olympics in Tokyo are officially postponed until 2021.  Other events are already postponed or suspended.  Premier League for soccer in Europe and mostly England has suspended all games until April and the same goes for U.S. soccer leagues, Tournaments for basketball like the Big East have been canceled for at least a month, Major League Baseball also postponed the opening for the regular season as well, the PGA Tour for golf has postponed or canceled many of its tournaments until the week of Masters which is on April ninth to 12.