National School Counseling Week

National School Counseling Week

By Afi Ibragimov, Staff Writer

National School Counseling Week took place the week of February 3rd to the 7th in order to promote the role of school guidance counselors and all that they do for the students of Wayne Hills.

School Counseling Week is a national holiday sponsored by the American School Counselor Association that aims to promote the contributions the school counselors make to the school including academic and career support, and emotional and social support. 

The week began with a presentation by Mr. Kenny Clutch to the freshmen and sophomores about how to live a fulfilling life including becoming more positive and accepting of the diversity of others. 

On Wednesday, a school-wide scavenger hunt took place to allow the student body to better understand who their counselors are as people. The students participated in the hunt during lunch, study hall, or in between periods. Once completed students received a grand prize. 

“I really enjoyed the presentation given by Mr. Clutch, it helped me understand how being more positive can add more meaning to my life,” says sophomore Isabella Lamanna.

“We as School Counselors often feel as though students, parents, and staff members believe that we only help students with grades and applying to college, but we do so much more. As I said before, we focus on not only academic support but also social and emotional support and career/vocational counseling. We want everyone to know that we are here to help in anyway we can!” says counselor Nicole Sandas.