WHHS Launches New Automotive Program Partnership

WHHS Launches New Automotive Program Partnership

The Wayne township automotive program announced a deal with Passaic County Community College on January 14, allowing anyone in the automotive class to earn over 30 college credits towards their associate’s degree in automotive technology from PCCC while they are still in high school. 

Steve Hopper, the automotive teacher for WHHS, and Ken Bergen, the automotive teacher for WVHS, had an interview with the college on Tuesday to finalize the deal, which had been over three years in the making.

The courses that are offered for these credits are introduction to automotive fundamentals, steering, suspension and brakes, engine performance, electrical, heating and air conditioning, and automatic and manual transmissions.

Automotive technology teachers, Hopper and Bergen wrote in a statement, ¨This is a great opportunity for both our students and their parents/guardians. The students will have a tremendous head start towards their associate’s degree at a huge cost saving. Our students historically have done well transitioning from our program to either post-secondary training, or directly to careers, but this opportunity is incredible. Many of our advisory board members are very excited about this partnership, and the opportunity to employ graduates of the program. Many thanks to all involved in making this a reality.¨

According to Dr. Steven Rose, president of PCCC, ¨this exciting partnership represents a creative response to the high job demand for technicians who are well trained in traditional trades.¨

Senior Justin Vorabouth is a student in the auto program, and states  “This is one step even closer to get into college because of the credits you can get. Although this does not apply to me because I have only taken this class for two years, this is still great for the underclassman and the future freshmen that will take automotive.”

According to Thomas Luchetta a senior in the automotive program,  “The auto program is a great program and adding this partnership, it will boost the popularity in the program to get students interested in taking the class and getting credits for college.”

This partnership can help a lot of the students in both Wayne Hills and Wayne Valley to go to college and have a successful career.