Top Halloween Costume Ideas 2019


By Victoria Galloza, Writer


Halloween is here and it’s about that time to get creative and be who you have always wanted to be. Here are the top halloween costumes everyone this year is dying for: 


Ashley O

After Miley Cyrus’ appearance on Black Mirror this year, in which she portrayed the role of Ashley O, fans grew a love for the character and the music from the episode. Fans even have diy’d their costumes in correlation to the character this Halloween. 



The Joker had become very popular this year due to the new critically acclaimed movie that fans were astounded by. This Halloween you will definitely be seeing some jokers in your midst. 


Harley Quinn 

Refraining back the Joker, Harley Quinn has grown an outstanding popularity this year for Halloween, many girls have made their own preference to the character’s image in which they incorporated into their unique and amazing costumes. 


VSCO Girl 

To be a VSCO girl this Halloween you must have every incorporated detail to fit the costume. The VSCO girl has grown a lot of attention and interest in the app TicToc, and now these VSCO girls are taking over Halloween. 


Charlie’s Angels 

These angels have always been popular in older aged groups, but recently Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Lana del Ray had trio-ed into making the hit song Don’t Call Me Angel, in which they portrayed the modern version of Charlie’s Angels. Everyone was amazed by the three and were inspired to become their own Charlie’s Angels this Halloween. 


Emily Lewis, student of Wayne Hills High School, states, “I’m definitely going to be a Charlie’s Angel this Halloween!”