Girls Volleyball Team Adjusts to New Coach


By Justin Vorabouth, Staff Writer

The Wayne Hills girls volleyball team is off to a fantastic start this season. With a new coach and a new playing style, the girls are more confident for their future successes. 

With a record of 2-3 so far, head coach Pedro Crespo, who moved up from Junior Varsity, is focusing on conditioning and technique this year.  

Coach Crespo knows a lot about volleyball and is helping the team members improve their game. Crespo works on game strategies and introduces new plays that they can incorporate into games.

¨With six seniors on the team who have been playing together for the past four years, we’ve become really close and we all get along with each other,¨ said Annarose Bernardo, a senior.

The most difficult part, the players mention, is maintaining their energy from the start of the game.

¨Our serve and receive can also be improved to boost our already strong offense,¨ said Kristy Gabrielle, also a senior.

Most of their communication is done through the seniors, as they have chats after practice with coach Crespo to voice concerns, questions, or suggestions from other players.

“I think that we will have a winning record and I hope that we will make it far in the state tournament,¨ said senior Ella Harris.

Good luck to the Wayne Hills Girls Volleyball team as they look forward to a successful season!