America’s Got Talent Season 14 Overview – Winner Kodi Lee


Kodi Lee: Winner of AGT

By Alison Har, Assistant Senior Editor

America’s Got Talent is the biggest talent show in the world and a continuous summer hit, with this season ending with a bang as AGT welcomed its newest winner, Kodi Lee.

Judge Simon Cowell mentioned that this season (14) had the best finale thus far in the history of America’s Got Talent. What is special about this is that this season welcomed new judges and a new host. The two judges who replaced Heidi Klum and Mel B were Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union. The new host, Terry Crews, replaced Tyra Banks.

Some of the finalists included winner Kodi Lee (singer and piano player), Emanne Beasha (opera singer), first runner up Detroit Youth Choir (large choir of students) and Light Balance Kids (dance group).

What is special about Kodi Lee is that he is blind and autistic, yet he can simultaneously play the piano and sing exceptionally well. Lee shocked the audience and judges at his first audition with his perfect tone and voice. He won the hearts of the judges and gained numerous fans during his time on the show. In the start of it all, Kodi earned the golden buzzer from Judge Gabrielle Union during his audition.

Kodi Lee is one of 25 in the world with his condition. His talent is the most extraordinary of all the AGT seasons and is an entertainer as his very supportive and loving mother had stated early in the competition. Kodi has a charismatic and funny personality and his fans love his most used phrase “Heck Yeah!”. During the finale, he enthusiastically stated that he would buy “lots of grand pianos in every color” if he won the $1,000,000.

“I definitely believe that Kodi Lee is an incredible prodigy. He sings amazingly and seriously deserved his win. He has the gift to change the world,” commented Senior Melis Yazar.

Fans can now purchase tickets to see Kodi Lee perform live in Las Vegas, and millions of fans around the world are looking forward to what he will accomplish next.