Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Changing for the First Time


By Matthew Mangibin, Staff Writer

When everyone was once a kid, one of their favorite snacks was likely a chocolate bar. Two of the biggest companies that make these bars are Kit Kat and Hershey. For the first time ever in Hershey’s history, they will be changing the look of the bar.

The brand is replacing its recognizable logo and etching 25 popular emojis into the rectangles that make up its milk chocolate bar. Hershey is including a smiley face, the fist pound, the ghost emoji, and others. The emoji-filled redesign marks the first time Hershey has altered its milk chocolate bar design since it first went on sale in 1900. However, it is not a permanent change. The new bars are on sale for a limited time beginning this summer. The company said it will only make about 25 million standard- and snack-sized emoji bars.

“By adding an emoji design to each pip of chocolate, we hope that parents and kids are inspired to share a chocolate emoji and make a connection with someone new,” said Kriston Ohm, senior manager of Hershey, in a press release. The emojis that will be featured on the chocolate bars have specific meanings as well. Each of the emojis was chosen to “feature meanings that would help to spark a conversation,” the company said.

Hershey added new bars to their lineup as they began selling Cookies ‘n Creme as well as Hershey’s Gold. Hershey’s Gold was the first Hershey’s bar that is not chocolate.

“Hershey chocolate is by far the best chocolate I have ever eaten. It’s better than any other candy bar. Having the emojis on the bars would make it better,” Arwyn Albano (PCTI junior) said.
Hershey chocolate bars will continue to strive even with the new addition of emojis on its chocolate. What’s your favorite candy bar? I know that mine are definitely Hershey chocolate bars.