We’re on the FENCE about this season’s Bachelor Finale!


The Bachelor Credit: ABC

By Maya Kachroo, Staff Writer

If you’ve been on Twitter or Instagram this last week, you’ve definitely seen the shocking news of the infamous fence jump by this season’s Bachelor, Colton Underwood.

To give a quick summary – Colton confessed his love for Cassie, a fan favorite from the girls of this season. Colton said that he did not care about the other girls and was only interested in being engaged to his true love, Cassie. But, in a shocking turn of events, Cassie admitted that she did not feel ready for such a commitment and did not think she was in the same place as him.

This, coming after many of the other girls warned Colton that some of his interests were not ready for marriage. Which lead to Colton’s angry fence jump:

So, where does Colton and the entire show stand now? There are many theories about what may happen next; Colton picks one of the remaining girls, one of the girls sent home comes back, or the show ends altogether.

I asked some Wayne Hills students about their predictions for the show’s future.

Junior Laura Lassen says, “I think there’s going to be a plot twist. What if Cassie comes back? That would be really cool”.

Patriot Press editor Jimmy He says, “In the spirit of true love, if he really loves Cassie, he will have to reject the other girls and the show would have to end”.

Bachelor fan Alexa Soroka believes, “I think he’s going to pick Hannah G. He gave her the first impression rose and they have always had a connection ever since the beginning of the season. They are meant to be!”

So, what do you think?