Alabama Tornado Causes Massive Destruction



President Trump and the First Lady survey damages from the tornado disaster.

By Alexa Soroka and Jimmy He

A tornado recently ripped through the state of Alabama, killing 23 and devastating the lives of all involved. Locals in the small rural community of Beauregard were warned of the approaching hurricane just twelve minutes in advance of the incoming disaster, giving them little time to prepare. As a result, many were unable to find sufficient shelter.

Although tornadoes are relatively frequent in Alabama, many were still taken aback by the mass damage caused by the storm, which produced winds the strength of a category five hurricane. This natural disaster marked the deadliest of its kind in the US since 2013.

Trump visited the affected areas affected by the catastrophic tornado to survey the damage, stating, “we saw things that you wouldn’t believe.”

He is currently working with the FEMA to provide the state and its residents with more resources to compensate for the great magnitude of loss caused by the storm.

Survivors are now left sifting through debris, hoping to salvage whatever possible and to begin the long road to recovery. Those whose lives were lost in the storm include the youngest victim, who was six years old, and the oldest, who was eighty-nine years old. Seven of the twenty-three ultimate victims came from the same family.

When asked about what should be done to help those affected by the disaster, Wayne Hills junior Kiera Budris commented, “The government should help the areas hurt by the tornado more. They could help by supplying food and help with rebuilding homes.”

In an attempt to ease the emotional pain and financial burden, two anonymous corporations have pledged to pay for the funerals of all twenty-three victims.