NBA All-Star Selection


Many teams are looking to sign Anthony Davis.

By Isaiah Ahumada, Staff Writer

The NBA All-Star Game is closing in as team captains Lebron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo both selected their All-Star team last Thursday.

This will be the 68th NBA All-Star game. Usually the game is the West All-Stars vs the East All-Stars, but last year this rule was changed so that while West and East All-Stars are still selected, there are now Captains who choose who they want on their team. Lebron was selected once again, this time as a captain for the west, replacing Steph Curry. Giannis Antetokounmpo replaced Lebron as the East Captain.

Last night the All-Star selection was aired live on TNT. The air selection was hosted by TNT’s NBA Post game Show commentators Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, and Shaq. These were the selections both teams decided on.

Team Lebron:

Starters- Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard

Reserves- Anthony Davis, Klay Thompson, Ben Simmons, LeMarcus Aldridge, Karl-Anthony Towns, Bradley Beal, Damian Lillard, Dwyane Wade

Team Giannis

Starters- Stephen Curry, Joel Embiid, Paul George, Kemba Walker

Reserves- Khris Middleton, Nikola Jokic, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, D’Angelo Russell, Nikola Vucevic, Kyle Lowry, Dirk Nowitzki

Comparing the two teams, it looks as if Team Lebron was the better drafted team. Team Lebron consists of more MVPs, although Giannis has the better defensive rooster.

Matt Mangibin commented on the draft, saying that “James’ team is looking a lot more solid than Giannis’. I don’t think Giannis’ will win against them, but it will be a good game. For James’ team.”

Both teams consist of All-Stars, and the game is usually extremely intense, with last year’s game coming down to the final minutes. For those interested in watching this exciting event, the All-star game is scheduled to be played February 17, at 8 pm.