2019 Junior Formal


By Isaiah Ahumada, Staff Writer

Junior Formal is scheduled for March 8 in Clifton at the Valley Regency.

The formal has big plans. There will be no theme for the formal but that shouldn’t affect what you chose to wear. The Room will have a patio where students can go out to socialize or get a breather of air. The design of the place will be a sight to see. There will be a waterfall to add classiness. A cocktail room will be included as well. This where the food will be served. Including seafood, hot food. But Food will be served at your seat if students don’t want to lineup at the cocktail area. Prime Rib and Chicken will be at the sit down tables. This is something that Prom does

Mrs. Perez who is in charge of the plans says “This will be a fun experience, students should go”

Once again it will be at Valley Regency. If students don’t have a date, they should still go with friends. It will be a great High School experience.