Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green’s ‘Happy’ Return to AT&T Center

By Matthew Mangibin, Staff Writer

Kawhi Leonard, of the Toronto Raptors, will return to the AT&T for the time ever since his trade from the San Antonio Spurs. This Thursday night will be the first time the Raptors will be facing the Spurs away in San Antonio. With a new team on board doing well, he is curious to see everyone’s reaction when he plays against his old team that he played for.

The franchise in San Antonio meant a lot for Leonard. He was one of the best defensive players that contributed a lot to the team. The Spurs actually have put up a montage of videos of Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard to celebrate their hard work that they put up. Although, the stadium will not play the videos if the fans show a negative reaction to them. Leonard is not worried about the negative reception that he will receive if the fans do show negativity. He says that it can only make him a better player.

Danny Green on the other hand seems to be positive about everything though. Showing signs of optimism, he says that “I hope for one [reaction], predict and guess another. I’m waiting to see just like everybody else. We’ll see what the fans show. I guess in the bigger picture, it really is just another game. I think for both sides the guys that have been in the trade and have been moved and played for both organizations, it’s definitely probably a little more.”

On the other hand, Leonard is just ready for the negativity that might await him and Green. He was upset at the resolution that happened last year with the trade and all.

“I put up blood, sweat and tears wearing that [Spurs] jersey,” Leonard said during Toronto’s shoot around at the AT&T Center. “I put [in] a lot of work here.”

But that’s not going to stop him from still playing the game he loves. Leonard says, “But it’s a new year, new season. I’m just looking at what is in front of us right now.”

Billy Busacca had something to say about the return to San Antonio, “I actually want to see some drama! I want some negativity going around!”

Although dramas can be very interesting and all, that shouldn’t happen to anyone in the NBA especially Kawhi and Danny due to their contributions. One of the best defensive players in the league and one of the best shooting guards should get the praise they deserve.