Student Council Prepares For Annual Spirit Week

By Alison Har and Nedeen Khashashina

As Spirit Week approaches, the WHHS student council members do their best to prepare for the upcoming annual school event. They have been dedicating their time and effort, both during and after school, to create posters, decorations, and raise money through fundraisers and events.

Spirit week is an important week for both council members and students, as it is both exciting and fun. While student council works hard to organize the events, students show their appreciation by supporting and participating in the events planned for them.

As a part of the event, council members “make a bunch of posters and [are] currently paint a lot of posters and collecting a lot of cans for Wayne families in need,” as stated by sophomore student council representative, Noah Kaplan.

Each of the four classes is going into spirit week with an objective to win.

“We’re spending a lot of time making sure all our posters look great and preparing for can collections and making sure our grade can do our best to win,” commented junior student council representative, Jimmy He.

Spirit week is a fun way to get everyone excited to be involved through interaction with the school body and helping those in need. Student council’s dedication is the reason for spirit week success and their effort is greatly appreciated.