Marijuana and Wayne Hills

Marijuana and Wayne Hills

By Dylan Orren-King, Staff Writer

One of the most significant issues in WHHS faces is the amount of people juuling, but what happens when marijuana is legalized in New Jersey?

At this point, the legalization of marijuana is inevitable, no matter what side of the debate you are on. Already a recreational pot bill is expected to be proposed Oct. 29th, and Phil Murphy has pledged to legalize the drug no matter what.

So what happens to Hills? WHHS is opposed to any sort of smoking on school grounds, but there are students who actively break this rule every day. Even when threatened with repercussions. Walking into a bathroom and finding a group of kids huddled together trying to Juul is commonplace.

“It really depends on a couple different things.” said Seth Prince, a senior at WHHS, “For example, if the age restriction was set to 18 instead of 21, there might be more use in schools. But if the age restriction was set to 21, I think there might be less use.”

In 2017, New Jersey joined Hawaii and California in raising the legal age to smoke to 21 years old. If marijuana is legalized, it would also follow along with this law. Meaning that the age to purchase and smoke legally would be 21.

“I think kids are just gonna take advantage of the increase in marijuana. People will just take advantage of it. I think it’s good for medical reasons, but not recreational.” is what Sonya Budesa, a senior at WHHS said when asked about her opinion on marijuana legalization.

Medical marijuana used to only be experimental, but now it has been used as a recovery drug for patients of many different diseases and cancers. It lessens pain and allows patients to relax after treatment.

“It shouldn’t be legal, only medically. Said Hannah Luster, a senior at WHHS,  “People can just show up to school high and that’s not right.”

“The bottom line is if and when it becomes legal it will not be legal for anyone under 21.” Said Donna King, the Student Assistance Counselor for WHHS. “Though I think people will see the legalization as granting permission for anybody to use it.”

No matter where you stand on this topic, this is going to be a decision that will affect the future of Wayne Hills, and possibly come along with plenty of consequences.