Top-notch Android Google Pixel 3


By Alison Har, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that the Apple iPhone is the phone in America. Almost everyone uses an iPhone and Apple stores are packed every day with customers wanting the latest devices. But, Google Pixel 3 has launched as a polished-design, advanced phone that has set a high bar.

The new Android Google Pixel 3 has exceptional performance, leading camera quality in the market, and a glossy finish. Android Pixel’s goal of the third Pixel was to surpass the strongest competitors in the market, Apple and Samsung with its advanced camera and excellent experience quality.

The ravishing appearance of the new phone was created better than the last Pixel. The display is “smooth as silk” and weighs 148 grams. The glass screen is 5.5in FHD+OLED, and the back design is a lustrous two-tone glass. The phone can store up to either 64 or 128 GB

The relatively small phone dimensions make it easier to be carried around and held for an extended period. Along with the size, there are coated metal sides for gripping. Everything about the Pixel 3 screams luxury. The slick function and speed of the Pixel 3 tops other Android devices.

Junior Mariella Figueroa says, “The phone looks like the best out of the other phones. It is so shiny it makes me want to get the phone to see how smooth it is.”